The Art of Solving Problems

Apr 29, 2017

Jason Berger, Senior Support Engineer at NuPark, has been part of the parking industry since his freshman year of college at New Mexico State University. He joined the Parking Department’s computer support team in 2001, and soon after, he was hired by the parking system vendor that served the campus. Jason continued working in support, at varying levels, for more than a decade. He joined NuPark in September 2015. “To boil it down, I came to NuPark because of the people there,” Jason said.

After joining NuPark, he discovered that they offered flexibility and opportunity to take initiative, both of which gave him freedom to create innovative solutions. At his previous company, if he suggested an opportunity for improvement, he would be shot down immediately. “Here, it’s like, ‘Great idea! Let’s do that!’” Jason says. “NuPark has a start-up mentality. If there’s a problem, you find the solution however you can.” 

Jason is a natural problem solver, especially technical problems. “I love troubleshooting,” he explains. “It’s what I do best. I get a kick out of digging further, and then finding and implementing the solution.” From an unreliable internet connection to a broken washing machine, Jason will try to resolve the issue on his own. Even in his free time, Jason seeks out and solves problems. For the past few months, he has enjoyed playing Factorio, a game that lets you build and automate a factory. “The goal is for the factory to run by itself,” Jason says. “Then something will happen and you’ll think, hmm, this isn’t working right, let’s figure out why.” 

In his work for NuPark, Jason has the opportunity to solve problems every day. He spends most of his time serving customers by answering their questions and responding to their requests. When customers need a specific program or a custom report, Jason fills in the gaps between the basic features of the program and the specific requirements that the customer wants. 

Among the perks of his job, Jason says, is the fact that he gets to work from home. On an average day, he says, “I go to bed too late and then I wake up too early.” He’ll help his kids and wife get off to school and work, then check for emails that require immediate attention. Next, he’ll answer questions from customers and resolve problems until his kids get home from school. “I’ll set them up to play together, then go back to the problem I’m working on.” He’ll make dinner, or get carryout. In the evening, he’ll work a bit more, when he has peace and quiet to tackle long problems. 

Jason has built his life around his passion for solving problems. His talent, creativity, and enthusiasm allow him to create innovative solutions for NuPark and the customers he serves. 

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