Telling the Stories of Unsung Heroes in Parking

Jun 20, 2017

Unsung Heroes of Parking
NuPark is proud to introduce our Parkumentary video series, a collection of parking documentaries that celebrate the unsung heroes of parking. Each Parkumentary will spotlight one parking organization's unique story told through the team members who contribute to its success. Parking professionals produce amazing work that positively impact their communities on a daily basis and we are proud to highlight their accomplishments. 

NuPark’s goal with each Parkumentary is twofold: first, to recognize that individual for creating a superior parking operation. Second, to showcase how the parking manager and their team overcame specific setbacks to improve their entire operation. Parking professionals do amazing work and NuPark loves to share their accomplishments.

Each Parkumentary is filmed on location and features interviews with the parking professional and the majority of their team. The first Parkumentary features a day in the life of Matt Penney, Director of Parking and Transportation Services at Baylor University. A 5-person film crew arrived before dawn and completely redesigned Matt’s office for filming, outfitted the License Plate Recognition (LPR) vehicle with external and internal cameras, and conducted interviews with Matt and his crew. Meanwhile, another team member operated a drone to track Matt’s operations from the air. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes footage of the entire filming process.

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