Improve Operations.

A parking management platform that helps you streamline and automate parking operations to increase efficiency and accuracy. Implement consistent processes, eliminating uncertainty, for permitting, verification, and enforcement.

Real-time Data Insights.

NuPark delivers operational insights in real time, so you are never at risk of basing critical decisions for planning, asset utilization, enforcement operations, and officer productivity on inaccurate or outdated information.

Connect Everything.

Synchronize data from back-office systems, parking equipment and third-party solutions in real time to gain a seamless, real-time view of your entire parking operation. Automate repetitive daily reporting tasks to free up your team to focus on other initiatives.

All Solutions


Simplify the process of issuing, tracking and enforcing virtual and physical permits. Regardless of whether permits are sold in the office, online or via mobile app, all transactions are handled through one system with NuPark.

Citations & Enforcement

Issue physical or eCitations via email, mail, or printed on the fly. Manage citation appeals both online or in the office. Manage boot and tow process electronically according to your policies.

Integrated LPR

Built for LPR from the ground up with all collected LPR data to be housed in one seamless system with the rest of your parking data.


Parking is the first and last impression of a successful event. Don't let a bad parking experience ruin a great event.

Parking Analytics

Get unprecedented visibility into every aspect of your parking operation. Understand how parking is actually being used, not only how it’s being sold. Make decisions based on data.

Occupancy Management

Provide an efficient parking experience by managing parking occupancy in an easy, simple, and intuitive manner.